The Vision

High Vibe Tribe is a conscious lifestyle movement seeking to elevate the vibration of life on the planet so that all beings may be happy and free.

High Vibe Tribe is a collective of individuals and groups who are focused on doing good and feeling good to create a ripple effect that upraises the vibrations our families and friends, communities and ultimately the world as a whole.
Does this resonate with you?
If Yes, then you are part of the High Vibe Tribe!
Whether you are just starting on your journey alone or are already part of a larger conscious community, you know in your heart that you are the change you wish to see in the world.

Live lighter

Everyday the choices we make affects ourselves, our community, our planet everyday and the quality of our interconnected future together.

Which is why we choose to try and live a little lighter in all that we do.


Love in action

We believe in infusing love into everything we do, so we are overjoyed to be able to make every purchase an act of kindness. High Vibe Tribe is committed to contributing $1 for every purchase to supporting Little Steps Matter that supplies food and treatments to dogs and cats in Bali who desparatley need our love and care.

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The Purpose

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