10 Ways to Feel Great Fast by Raising Your Vibration

January 25, 2021

10 Ways to Feel Great Fast by Raising Your Vibration

Feeling depressed, sluggish, bored and stuck?

When you raise your vibration you will start to feel good, in the flow and ready for anything!

Raising your vibration is simple, easy.... and best of all totally free!

You only need yourself and your desire to change your vibe right now.

Here are our Top 10 Steps to start getting into a high vibration fast!

Step 1: Turn off the Tech and Be Here Now - (OK you may have to wait until you finish reading this, but it's the first and most important step!) Bring your mind away from any thoughts of the past, future or imaginings and into this present moment. Notice what is around you now and how you are feeling right now. Do a quick body scan to see how you are feeling. Say to yourself how you are feeling. I feel... Are you hot or cold? Does any part of your body tingle? Feel the clothes on your skin, the soles of your feet - the more you can get into how you physically feel right now the better; even if you may be feeling a a body ache or pain, go into to it with compassion. Next start to be aware of your surroundings. Notice and label what is around you. I see...Are you inside or outside? Do you see trees, children playing, or a white wall, a blue water bottle. List what is in your vision right now. Then start to list what you hear. I hear...The sounds of birds chirping. The rush of a bus driving through a puddle. the rumble of a motorbike.

Wondering what makes being in the present moment such a great way to raise your vibration? Stay tuned for our next blog

STEP 2: Get Wet - Water is a natural purifier and cleans away toxic energy. Jump into your shower or bath if you aren't able to make it to an ocean, river, lake or pool, and let the water wash away old energy. Make this step even more powerful by doing it with the intention of purification. You can say an affirmation, mantra or prayer, such as "I now cleanse and wash away old stale energy that no longer serves and I am free to express the highest in me."

STEP 3: Get Grounded in Nature - Find a patch of grass, kick off your shoes and stand on the earth. Feel the solidity of the Earth holding you up, supporting you and by coming into direct contact with Earth, your body is suffused with negative ions and aligns to the same electric energy level as the earth. The more you can get into nature by plants or running water the higher the concentration of negative ions that will help to raise your vibration quickly! Negative ions create positive vibes - it's that simple!

STEP 4: Find something beautiful and appreciate it -Beauty surrounds you, but how often do you stop and notice it? Take some time to appreciate the world around you.Especially while you are in nature take a moment to stop and notice its 'essential goodness' - a cloud blowing across the sky, the pink hues of a sunset, water sparkling in the sun - appreciate how all of these things just 'are' beautiful and no 'body' created them.

STEP 5: Breath Deeply - Simple and effective, deep breathing calms yournervous system and brings about feelings of peace. Raise your vibration breathing deep down into the belly— breathing in for a count of 4, pausing at the top of the in-breath holding for 2, and breathing out for a count of 4, pausing at the bottom of the out-breath for 2. Do this at least 12 times

STEP 6: Move your body - This doesn't have to mean going for a jog (although that is great if you like jogging) it can be a simple as taking a quick stroll, to dancing up a storm in your living room to your fave tunes. You body loves to move so treat yourself to movement in a loving way feel the energy move through you.

STEP 7: Get Upside Down - not only does it literally change your perspective, but it is amazing for revitalising and balancing energy. it's also easy to do, (no you don't have to know how to do a hand stand!) The quickest and easiest way is to lie on your back and rest your legs up on a chair, couch or wall for 5 - 10 minutes. If you do yoga you can practice downward dog or any of your other favourite inversions for just as long a s you feel comfortable.

STEP 8: Practice an act of kindness - studies how that by doing something nice for someone else it make not only that person feel good, but you also feel good. And it doesn't have to be a gift of the material kind, in alignment with vibrations, make it an energetic gift - smile at someone, give someone a compliment, give someone a hug - all so easy and so free!

STEP 9: Practice Gratitude - There is no denying that making a Gratitude List is a powerful way to shift out of negative vibes and into a higher state that then attracts even more things to be grateful about!

7 Scientifically ProvenBenefitsofGratitude
Gratitudeopens the door to more relationships
Gratitudeimproves physical health
Gratitudeimproves psychological health
Gratitudeenhances empathy and reduces aggression
Gratefulpeople sleep better
Gratitudeimproves self-esteem
Gratitudeincreases mental resilience

STEP 10: Smile - Yes it is that simple! Research has shown that bysmiling, even when you don't feel great, you body starts torelease serotonin – a naturally formed bodychemical that produces feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Get the energy moving and you start an upward spiralling circle of high vibe happiness!Smile and you start to feel happy, and when you feel happy, you smile even more! So even when you're not feeling great, try to find some reason to start smiling (see all our list below - smile at a stranger, smile at yourself for turning upside down, smile at the sun, smile as you shake your hips) and see how you feel!

We hope you try out all suggestions and feel great as you vibe high!

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